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Our Perspective

Ambient Capital is a real estate investment platform focused on supply chain real estate and, in particular, Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS).  Global supply chains are experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption and demand for well-located, functional real estate has never been greater.

Ambient Capital was founded to focus on a unique investment and operating strategy in the low coverage, high flow through IOS space that is the backbone of the global supply chain. 

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Compelling Dynamics

We are driven by favorable market fundamentals, investment attributes, and strategic advantages that underscore a strong value proposition for achieving superior risk-adjusted investment returns.

Massive Universe of Space

The IOS market represents a significant portion of the overall industrial stock in the United States. Comparable in size to the Class A warehouse market, the IOS market is highly fragmented, presenting an opportunity to deploy significant capital to invest in the asset class at highly attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Superior Fundamentals

IOS fundamentals are superior to any other segment of the industrial market, with national occupancy approximately 97%, no meaningful growth of supply and rapidly increasing rents. Additionally, IOS assets offer significant yield premium to core warehouse.

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Limited Competition

Limited investor depth resulting from a fragmented ownership base, operational complexity, and investment deployment inefficiency.


Institutional Execution

Superior operational execution achieved through the implementation of an institutional approach to the IOS sector, which has historically suffered from fragmented ownership and capital markets dislocation.

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